Disability Outreach

Why Should Your Business Consider a Disability Outreach?

  1. Reduced Turnover: Studies have shown that with a well run disability community outreach effort - turnover should be reduced by 50% compared to other labor pools – therefore the costs associated with turnover are decreased (training time, loss of productivity, loss of hours, overtime for other staff, human resource & payroll time, etc.) Some companies estimate the cost of turnover to be approximately $5,000 per hire, so your company could save $2,500 per hire with this outreach effort as a result of the anticipated 50% turnover drop.

  2. Reduced Recruiting Costs: A well run outreach effort coordinates and takes true advantage of the local recruiting services offered by the state, community based organizations, and schools. This can help reduce the need for recruiting with newspaper ads, online sources, and hiring manager time. For example, recruiting costs can average as high as $2,500 per hire, if calculated using a combination of the sources above. After this outreach effort, this cost could fall to $500 per hire, resulting in a savings of $2,000 per hire.

  3. Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC): A direct federal tax credit of $2,400 per every individual with a disability that your company hires.

  4. Training Program Initiatives: The corporate development services team can show you how your company can access low cost or no cost training programs that help prepare workers with disabilities and workers from disadvantaged backgrounds to become excellent employees for your company. This training can be customized to meet your specific needs and save you an average of $4,000 per hire.

  5. Customer Outreach: By setting up specific disability related programs and completing a disability community marketing effort, your company can expect an increase in patronage of individuals with disabilities and families/friends/supporters of the disability community.


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