Disability Aid


Do you have a minimum fee?
No, TSF does not have a minimum fee. Whether your needs are large, small, or somewhere in between we can help you complete a single project or a provide ongoing weekly services as part of your development efforts.

Do You Charge for an Initial Consultation?

No we do not. We usually spend a few hours with a client to see how we fit into their needs. This also provides us an opportunity to get to know one another without worrying about the clock.

Will you work on contingency or for a percentage of the grant?

We do not. Grants are given to support innovative and worthwhile programs. In most cases, grant preparation costs or fees cannot be paid from a grant. And although there seem to be many rumors to the contrary, in actuality there are very few proposal writers who will agree to work on a contingency basis. Using grant funds from programs to cover grant writing services is generally unethical and/or illegal. Grant preparation fees are usually paid from agency or departmental resources.

What if my agency doesn't need all of the services TSF offers?

We are very flexible and work with a variety of clients, both large and small. If you only need a few hours of prospecting, for example, that is all you pay for.

What is TSF Success Rate?

TSF does not attempt to calculate rate of funded grants for several reasons. First, we work for all kinds of public and nonprofit agencies, large and small, old and new. This means that some have strong track records with funders, while others are attempting to enter new service areas. Additionally, we do not screen clients for their funding "potential." Rather, we generally accept any assignment, provided that we have the capacity to meet the deadline and the applicant appears to be eligible. Finally, our clients often do not tell us when they are funded. In some ways, grant writing is like playing the lotto. To win the lotto, you must buy a ticket; the more tickets you buy, the better your chances. To receive a grant, you must submit a technically correct proposal for a program for which your agency is eligible. After that, funding decisions depend on many variables, such as the number of applications submitted, mood of the reviewers, geographic and political considerations and many other factors not easily identifiable. The more high quality proposals you submit for different programs, the more grants you are likely to receive. Also, as you get proposals funded, funders are more likely to give you grants.

Can you help me even though you are not located in my area?

Absolutely. We will communicate via e-mail and phone, send files via e-mail, and send documents by fax and overnight mail. We can, and have many times, work on-site at a client's office if that is desired.

If my agency decides to work with you what is the next step?

If you are in the Chicagoland area, we will sit down with you and determine your needs. We will then research funding sources and match the needs of your agency with several funding sources. We will compose letters of intent, draft proposals including goals and objectives. We will compose an evaluation plan and budget. We will research, compose, and compile all documents necessary for submission to the funding source.

Will you guarantee our organization will be funded?

In the grant writing business, there are no guarantees. We can guarantee to meet deadlines, and submit a professional well-written document.

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